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  • Nothing To Show For It
Nothing To Show For It by Femi Kuti
No Place For My Dream


Femi Kuti // Nothing To Show For It

#music #playlist
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  • Truth don die
Truth don die by Femi Kuti
Shoki Shoki

Femi Kuti: Truth don die 

from Shoki Shoki (1998)

  • The Choice Is Yours
The Choice Is Yours by Femi Anikulapo Kuti
Fight To Win


Too busy to play today, now too exhausted tonight. So I leave you with good good Afrobeat music from Femi Kuti, good night my lovelies.

  • The World Is Changing
The World Is Changing by Femi Kuti
No Place For My Dream


Femi Kuti - The World Is Changing (from the LP No Place For My Dream - Label Maison/Naïve - 2013)

  • Give You Action
Give You Action by Dunkelbunt
Rosetta the rosette guinea pig (damn I&#8217;m witty)
Miep's girlfriend uvu

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Rosetta the rosette guinea pig (damn I’m witty)

Miep's girlfriend uvu

djdiponi: hi! so um, i was just curious as to what happened to that fav hs character thing you had? i used to use it a lot and i went back to my bookmark of it to show a friend that recently got into homestuck, but now the page is blank and i'm really sad because the other one that's similar to yours doesn't actually have all of the characters. sorry if this is a stupid question!

Ahh not a stupid question at all!

We had some problems with the server (some malware sneaked into my files somehow) and I had to take it all down.

I put up the important stuff  back up (my online portfolio), but totally forgot about the fav char thing, sorry. I think it’s been a bit outdated anyway. I’m gonna take care of that sometime soon, thanks for reminding me!


I’ve seen some background noise pages around tumblr like rainymood, but I don’t think I’ve really seen this page recommended on tumblr.

The plus of this page is without a doubt the huge list of sound machines that you can open in several tabs and mix as you like, ranging from natural sounds like rain and waves to industrial noises to relaxing tunes like in utero. It’s suitable as background noise for work as well as for relaxing and sleep.

Also recommended:

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  • Maniac
Maniac by Caravan Palace


Caravan Palace- Maniac

  • Gangsterlove
Gangsterlove by Alice Francis
St. James Ballroom

(Source: para-gem)

  • When You're Evil
When You're Evil by Voltaire



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